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While this isn't completely on the same topic but is also, there was something I learned from a designer that has really stuck with me when coming up with mechanics. He told me of how there was a study done on added fat and adding sugar to a shake(same lines see? :P). The found that while people initially loved the sugar, adding too much would turn make it too bitter. But when they kept adding more fat, people could not get enough. He related this to a racing game where speed would equal sugar and points or pick-ups would equal fat. Little bits of sugar here and there, to get them towards the fat which keeps them staying. Your post reminded me of that.

In terms of quick sugar shots, I believe most of the technological and social ways the consumer world is going towards this. With facebook and twitter as an example, we can always get updates about our friends on anything they wish to post, and further read into their 'info' if we want to learn even more (and even more with surveys and such). As I get together with friends and family, I notice lower interaction during conversations between people. I notice this in others also. It seems (assumption, blah) that they already know what the other has been up to, has enough data to guess the rest of it, and cares not to dive deeper or only go on a shallow level towards a subject. Not sure where I'm going with this, but just an observation. Great articles you got here, can't wait to read more.

Also, I recommend playing inFamous. Mainly because all the things you mention in other articles regarding Prototype seem to be done really well in inFamous. Although I have not played Prototype.

Hi i really like your website it was well thrown together so look forward to seeing most posts.

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