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Thanks! (I was the guy asking for the old slides at the GDC talk - which was intriguing.) Really great to hear your thoughts on these subjects.

Any chance for those who weren't present to hear/read what you actually had to say? Slides only go so far in and of themselves :P.

Each slides have text related to it in the note section within PowerPoint. I am better at speaking than writing but since the text in the note section is the source material everything should be pretty clear. Let me know if you have any questions.

Interesting PowerPoint, makes me wish I were there.

I agree with you on Prototype. They had all these special abilities that all led to the same result.

Mirrors Edge suggested it was about roaming freely from roof to roof, being chased by dangerous enemies, exhilarating! It turned into repeated moves in small confined areas.

Both games are more about trying to achieve the fantasy than living the fantasy. While playing Batman Arkaham Asylum I lived the fantasy of being Batman. The armed encounters was less button combinations and more choosing how to deal with the problem.

All in all: interesting slides; creating some new thoughts in the brain.

Very nice presentation.Looking forward to the 2008 and 2009 versions, too.

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